Get creative in a team

Teamwork - T-ogether E-veryone A-chieves M-ore

Treat your team to some unforgettable moments at a workshop or seminar. Experiences that individually strengthen every participant and make everyone grow together as a team.

A functioning team knows “no” problems, but instead finds solutions!


Personality and strategy development for teams, companies and organisations.

This contemporary facilitation process allows you to make your meetings more efficient, quickly develop solutions and rapidly establish a shared understanding of a specific topic.

Efficient meetings, high participation levels, speedy solution-finding, shared understanding, play-based learning!

Price for 12 people: CHF 2270.-

Winter wonderland

Do you have a tight schedule, yet still want a creative team event and a little alpine lifestyle in the snow?

Then you and your team can build your own winter wonderland right here in our hotel park! Build your coloured company logo out of snow, make creative snow sculptures or a stylish snow bar for the subsequent drinks break, romantically lit by torches and candles... fun and team spirit are guaranteed!

Price for 12 people: CHF 960.-

Build your own ski / snowboard

Are you looking for a special, exclusive team event that isn’t just about being in a seminar room?

After two days, every participant will be the proud owner of a unique product and, as the ultimate kick, you can go speeding off down the piste together on your newly created masterpieces. 

  • Day 1; transfer to ENLAIN – whole-day construction course
  • Day 2; breakfast, transfer and construction course until the ski / snowboard is glued.
  • Day 3; breakfast, transfer and handover of the UNIQUE skis and snowboards, purchase and fitting of the bindings, and then it’s off for a half-day on the piste.

 Price for 12 people: CHF 14,370.00 (excl. bindings)

Project XXL

Cross-team project work based on the motto: “We set the ball rolling!” Work together in teams to plan and construct ball tracks and experience excitement, team spirit and creativity – whether indoors or outside.

  • ½ day team-building – Construct an XXL ball track
  • Fun, excitement and action in teams
  • Professional supervision
  • Debriefing and review with team-coach

Price for 12 people: CHF 1050.-