Art Nouveau veranda – Garden lounge

Art Nouveau veranda – Garden lounge

The “favourite spot” during the summer months in Flims has always been the airy and light Art Nouveau veranda and adjacent garden by the fountain.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, a light snack or even dinner in this special atmosphere.

Opening hours

07.30 am - 10.30 am Breakfast
11.30 am - 01.30 pm Lunch
01.30 pm - 07.00 pm Little menu
06.30 pm - 09.00 pm Diner

We are happy to take your table booking by telephone under +41 81 928 10 10.

Schweizerhof barbecue

Each Friday, you enjoy a barbecue and the Schweizerhof starter buffet with a variety of local and delicious home made food.