The history of Schweizerhof Flims

History of the Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof Flims

It all began with a card game in 1869 in the "Segnes" bar in the old Waldhaus-Flims Resort. The owner, the widow Schreiber, had died without children and the hotel was auctioned off in card game among the locals. Our great-grandfather, Walter Candrian from Sagogn, won the game. His younger brother Mathias, who worked as a confectioner in Stettin, came to Graubünden and took over the "Segnes". Soon the Candrians had a renowned customer base. In 1873, Friedrich Nietzsche spent a summer in Flims.

Carla and Arthur Schmidt

Mengia and Daniel Schmidt-Candrian had two sons. Both died young. The oldest, the handsome Uncle Walter, about whom old ladies still enthused to me 60 years later, played the piano wonderfully and was the director of the "Kulm Hotel" in Arosa. The younger son, our father, Arthur Schmidt Candrian, was an hotelier, ski instructor, musician, hunter and great entertainer. He played ten instruments and could do wonderful impressions of people and accents. He composed the "Caumaseelied" (the Lake Cauma song) and the "Arosalied" (the Arosa song). From 1947, our grandmother and our mother Carla ran the hotel through the difficult post-war years. Carla, born Bivetti, was a person who impressed people with her independence and charisma. She was interested in people, an important requirement in the hospitality profession. And she had a sense of humour, which is also vital in every business. For many years she was the focal point for guests and personnel alike, she got down to business quickly and in two minutes strangers were telling her all the details of their private lives.

Therese and Rudolf Schmidt

"To give service to our guests" said our blind grandfather Daniel. There is nothing more beautiful than offering a service to a guest when one acts with interest, attentiveness, humour, curiosity and love towards people and their individual tastes. 30 years ago, a 3rd generation continued in this way with my brother Rudolf and his wife and partner Therese Schmidt.

In 2008, Sandra and Christoph Schmidt returned to Flims and have continued running the Schweizerhof as the fourth generation with the support of Therese Schmidt. 

The History of our Hotel in Digital Form
The entire history of the family and the hotel can easily be ordered by e-mail as a German-language brochure. They are also to be found in the hotel rooms.

Chronicle and Family Tree as a PDF.
Chronicle of the Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof, Flims
Family tree of the Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof, Flims