SHINRIN YOKU - Immersion in the forest atmosphere

Slowly walking or staying in the forest. Drifting, without aim, immersing into the forest atmosphere. Connect with the forest with all your senses.

The term Shinrin Yoku was coined in 1982 by Tomohide Akiyama, head of the Japanese forestry administration.

As more and more people suffer from stress-related diseases, many branches of research in the field of forest medicine have developed in recent years. Forest or natural therapy is a preventive approach to reduce stress levels, increase the quality of life and at the same time reduce the costs of stress-related diseases.

We intuitively know that a stay in nature is good for us, but what happens to us in nature? By the way, it is not only the forest that does us good, but already the sight of plants in the park or even in our home.

Since we have spent most of our evolutionary history in nature and only in the last few centuries have we lived in cities, our organism is adapted to nature with its physiological functions, which is what natural therapy makes use of.

During a guided stay in the forest of about 1.5 hours we use the beauty of nature to bring our senses and therefore also our thoughts back into the here and now with exercises. Negative thought circles can be interrupted and the participants usually feel a deep calm after only a few exercises.

The world will recover from the beauty of nature.
Walther Lietha, poet & songwriter

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