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Seminar "out of the box” by Schweizerhof Flims

“The only boundaries that hold us back are the ones we set for ourselves.” (Author unknown)

Every minute counts because time is money. Comments like: “...we have to proceed efficiently at the next strategy meeting of the board of directors, “minimum input – maximum output”, because this is the only way to maximize sales...” are ones we are all familiar with. But how motivating are these? Just imagine that – while the figures for the first quarter are being presented – you can look at the Flimserstein mountain through our panoramic window of the Salle d'Etude. Or instead of the daily visit to the gym, you come back from the slopes, newly invigorated after just having carved your first turns, and are now ready to let the presented figures unfold.

Our claim: Take 30 % of your time for creative breaks to do the things that you enjoy. Preferably enough to forget all figures, budgets and strategies for a while and allow yourself to be pulled out of the box mesmerised by diversion. You will be surprised how productive your work will be after that.

Various branches of research deal with the topic of “mindfulness” – in short, the focus on the here and now – and where is this more successful than during the early bird, for example? Together with your business partners, you will be the first guests on the mountain and have the freshly prepared slopes all to yourselves. We can reserve this exclusive offer for you. Early in the morning, you can take the staff gondola up to Crap Sogn Gion in cooperation with the LAAX mountain railways. After a coffee/croissant and the first sun rays at 2200 m above sea level, you return to the valley. So you and your team will be back at work after only two hours with a well-ventilated head and a fresh mind.

When did you last play LEGO? Have you heard about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY? A moderated workshop that combines fun and play with modelling and has the participants build the solutions themselves. At the LSP workshops, participants work out business strategies, develop or optimise team cooperation, or simulate crisis situations and develop solution concepts for them.

The LSP boxes Lego has specially compiled for these workshops contain an extensive selection of Lego bricks. These are used to help workshop participants develop models and metaphors of their view on highly diverse aspects of their business world and communicate them to the other participants.

Treat yourself to a “green” break during your seminar with a guided nature walk. Director Sandra Schmidt will take you on a trial tour of the Shinrin Yoku. Originating from Japan, the "forest bath" literally means "immersion in the forest atmosphere". Cortisone levels have been proven to drop within minutes during a stay in nature. During a 30-minute walk in the adjacent Great Flims Forest, your senses are directed to nature. You start to relax and your mind is freed for creative and new approaches.

Our “out of the box” building blocks allow you to lighten up your meeting and create the space to create something new, something seemingly impossible, and innovative approaches. During the creative breaks, you and your participants reflect on the here and now. Experience unforgettable moments with your team with a lasting effect on your daily work!

Pick up the phone and dial +41 (0)81 928 10 10... Give us a call and together we will create your meeting “out of the box” by Schweizerhof Flims.

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